Monthly KMARC Meeting

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The KMARC will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, January 13th, 6PM at the Perry County Public Library.

KMARC Helps Send Care Packages to Troops

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Several weeks ago, Gary Oliver, KK4CZO, attended one of our Friday morning breakfast meetings and announced that his office, MSHA District 7, had gathered items to create 15 care packages to send to local troops who are currently deployed in Afghanistan.  The packages were ready to ship and they were looking for another organization to help out with the shipping costs.  KMARC members stepped up and raised the money to help cover shipping.  Last night, one of the soldiers from the unit that received the care packages posted the following message on the KMARC Facebook Page:


I just received the care package sent by you all and the MSHA Coal Dist. 7 office and I was looking online for a club mailing address to send you a card, but I found your facebook page instead. Thank you all for the package. It always makes us feel good to know people at home care about us and that is especially true around this time of year. I shared the package with some other guys, like we always do. But, besides getting snacks and toiletries and such, the best thing about getting care packages is knowing that someone at home, that we may have never met, cared enough about our soldiers to send it.

I was wondering if your president, Johnnie Brashear, is the same Johnnie that used to work for Hazard Police Dept and the Water Patrol – if so, I met him a few times back in the 80’s and 90’s when I worked for Hazard PD. I am Army Reserve, so I live in Frankfort and work for the Justice & Public Safety Cabinet in civilian life. In the Army I am an Infantryman and Drill Sergeant and my reserve job is usually training privates or ROTC cadets at Ft. Knox and Ft. Sill, but I have deployed twice to train the Afghan army and police. Anyhow, this is my second time in Afghanistan and, with any luck, I’ll be home by February.

You all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you again for the care package.

SSG Brenn O. Combs
Camp Phoenix, Kabul, Afghanistan.


2013 KMARC Christmas Dinner

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We had over 40 people present Saturday at the Christmas Dinner.  They came from four counties around the area, and all had a good time and good food and fellowship.

Jim Osborne, KA4AOU, is awarded the KMARC Operator of the Year Award by cluib president Johnnie Brashear, KY4JLB.

Jim Osborne, KA4AOU won the KMARC Amateur Radio Operator of the Year Award for all his support of the many club activities. He is always there for all events, and goes beyond the call of duty.

This fact is obvious at Field Day, the Hamfest, and the Christmas Dinner. Jim has been a ham for many years, and recycled to get back on the air a few years ago. He serves as the Net Manager for the Perry Co. ARES/SKYWARN Net, and does the net report each month. He’s also active as an ARES member, and checks into several nets each week.

His son Chris is KJ4SFI, who has had his license several years. Jim is the type of person who jumps right in to help, and he is the ideal club member, who is very deserving of this award. (Not to mention his work as social chairman!, who comes up with good food arrangements and menus.)

John, K4AVX
KMARC Secretary & Treasurer

Below is a slideshow of pictures taken at the Christmas Dinner.  To view all the photos in an album format, click here.


Snowfall Measuring Procedures

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Take a look at this link for information regarding the proper way to measure snowfall.

Photo Courtesy of Tony Edwards

Photo Courtesy of Tony Edwards

SkyWarn Recognition Day

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Hey guys,

I wanted to let you all know that Skywarn Recognition Day will run from 7 pm EST Friday Dec 6th through 7 pm EST Saturday Dec 7th this year. I’m also happy to announce that we have finally gotten an HF antennae installed on our tower. While our HF rig is not currently operational, I’ve been told by our technicians that it will be operational by Skywarn Recognition Day! This new HF capability along with the nice 2m radio we are operating courtesy of the Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club should really help us make a lot of contacts this year.

Now for the bad news, or at least bad news as far as I’m concerned. I am being sent to a training course in Kansas City during the first two weeks of December and will not be able to work the event this year. However, in my place, Dave Stamper KF4ERK has taken the reigns and will be heading up the event for us. Some of you have probably met Dave in the past and know how much fun he is to be around. He is also looking forward to working on some new bands since obtaining his General license recently.

Now the purpose of Skywarn Recognition Day is to recognize the contributions amateur radio operators make to the National Weather Service in our efforts to protect life and property. Without you all we have no event. So, I am extending a welcome to all area amateur radio operators to come up to our office during the event. To help us plan, could any operators who are interested in coming up to our office please respond to this email and let me know when you would want to come up and during what times. I know it’s a long drive for some of you, but we hope you all enjoy this event as much as we enjoy hosting it!


Thanks and take care!

Tony Edwards – KJ4FYM

Warning Coordination Meteorologist

NOAA/National Weather Service

1329 Airport Road

Jackson, KY 41339


Office: 606-666-2560 ext 726

Fax: 606-666-4168

November KMARC Meeting

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Due to Monday the 11th being Veterans Day, the November meeting of the Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club will take place at the weekly breakfast on Friday, November 8th, 9am at Your Place Restaurant in Scuddy.

The KMARC Christmas Dinner will be held on Saturday, Decemeber 14th at 7pm at the same location.  Please contact Jim Osborne, KA4AOU, and let him know if you and your family plan to attend so we can plan accordingly.

Last, membership dues are payable at this time.  $12 for an individual membership, $18 for family membership, and $6 for students.  Names will be added to the membership section of the web site as you pay.  If you’re unable to come to a meeting, dues can be mailed to KMARC Treasurer John Farler, K4AVX.

Hazard Hamfest Recap

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The Hazard Hamfest was held on Oct 26th sponsored by Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club and was proud to unveil a new club trailer to be used on Field Day and during emergency operations as a Command Post for ARES Amateur Radio Operators and if needed to help Red Cross or other relief organizations with transport of needed supplies into a disaster area in Eastern Kentucky. An ARES Meeting of Region 4 Members was held immediately following the Hamfest. Shown in pictures are various vendors at the Hamfest displaying their equipment for sale. Operating talk-in from the new trailer was Father Mike Chowning N8TTR. In the pictures You can see him proudly showing Dave Smith ND4Y and Will Christman KK4NBU of the Harlan County Club the trailers features.

Submitted by KY4JLB Johnnie Brashear President Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club.


Hazard Hamfest 2013

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Ride to the Summit

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On October 5th, 2013 the Harlan County Amateur Radio Club was involved in providing communication for the Cumberland Tourism, which held the 1st Ride to the Summit Bicycle Ride in which over 30 riders from other, more level, areas of the state and some from Knoxville, TN came with their bicycles to ride. The event started at 8 am in Cumberland and went to Loyall, then back through Cumberland and on to the top of Big Black Mountain then back down the steep mountain grade to Cumberland which was approximately a 70 mile trip.  There were members of the Harlan Club stationed along the route to call in as bikes arrived and departed from SAG (Support and Gear) Stations along the route, which had water, snacks, and restrooms available.  All bikes and Amateur Operators concluded around 3:30 pm and the sponsors had dinner for everyone and a debriefing was held.  There were no incidents and everyone including Hams had a great time.

Communications were handled as training for ARES with a Command Post established.  Communication was done via the Harlan and Black Mountain Repeaters.

ARES Members working the event were:


AF4YJ      Wayne Hensley EC Harlan County

KC4FNV   Steve Tolliver

KK4NBU  Will Christman IV

KJ4FVY    Mike Kelly

KK4MKG  Terri Kelly

KK4AJB    Joe Takacs

K4AVX      John Farler Region 4 ASEC

KY4JLB    Johnnie Brashear DEC Dist 10


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Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial Station

Sep 7, 0900Z-2100Z                Call  W4P

Sponsor – KY Mountains Amateur Radio Club.
For Certificate:
send your QSL with a large Self Address, Stamped Envelope (SASE) 12 X 10 or so to hold an 8 1/2 X 11inch certificate
to K4AVX AS ON QRZ. OR, John Farler, 1264 Hall Mountain Rd, Viper, KY 41774.
Look for W4P throughout the day on different bands and modes, SSB, CW, and PSK-31. We will self spot on DX Spots, QRP Spots, and others.

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